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January 20, 2019
International Film Organisation-Proposal | News & Media Update | Mission Statement | Film Clips! | |

News & Media Update

1/ the Foundation has the full support of one of the worlds most prestigious entertainment organisations.

2/The production arm of the Foundation will headed by a major Hollywood producer, with a full production slate (operational from day one).

3/We are activley searching for a Public Relations/marketing company to assist in promoting the Foundation.

4/A major Hollywood star is considering lending his name to the Foundation.

5/ The world renowned company Halas & Batchelor Animation.Responsible for nurturing some of the worlds most accomplished Animators, supports the proposed Foundation.H&B produced the first British Animated Feature "Animal Farm".Oscar Grillo first developed his skills with H&B (Oscar worked closely with Linda McCartney)The names associated with H&B are too numerous to mention.

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